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Arab Television Stations Are Not All That Well Know

In addition to Al Jazeera, there are a few other Arab television stations that aren’t all that well known, and the majority of these don’t broadcast much news. The most famous of these, however, is LBCI, which was founded by the anti-Syrian Christian militia in Lebanon and is one of the first private ventures in the unregulated local television market. In recent years, Syria has tried to take control of LBCI, and the channel has given up some of its political programming. In addition, it has formed a joint venture with the Saudi Al-Hayat daily. The station’s reputation has been altered, but its content hasn’t changed much. Visit this site: malluwap

While al-Jazeera is nominally privately owned, many viewers have come to view it as a voice of the Arab world. Moreover, some of the programs on al-Jazeera have broken a number of Arab taboos. During one period, they even included direct criticism of several governments and specific personalities. Among other topics, the stations regularly discuss religion and gender.

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Although Arab television stations aren’t all that well known, their contents are often of interest to Western viewers. While some of the programs may seem to be biased, they are widely available and a great source of information. CNN and the BBC are also good options, but they aren’t as well-known as the other channels. It’s easy to overlook the quality of Arab television when there’s an abundance of free speech. For more information visit this site: forextradenews

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