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Cosmetics Regulations in the US and Europe

The term “cosmetics” is often taken to mean makeup items such as eye shadow and lipstick. However, the word is more expansive and includes a variety of other products. These products are also used for skin care and cleansing purposes, and may include makeup sponges and cleanser. There are also skin-lightening cosmetics, which can damage skin and are often toxic. Hydroquinone, a skin lightening agent, is one of the most widely used and harmful cosmetics products. Read more about 4movierulz mi

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 In the US, cosmetics are regulated under the Cosmetics Directive. This legislation was passed in 1976 to harmonize national laws and facilitate the functioning of the internal market. Since its adoption, the Cosmetics Directive has been amended seven times and its annexes are modified annually to reflect technological developments. This system has helped regulate the manufacture and sale of more than 12,500 different chemical ingredients in personal care products, including many cosmetics. For those wanting to expand their search for marketing talent overseas – a global employer of record can help you reach your goals!

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The cosmetics industry regulates these products under the Cosmetics Directive (EU) in Europe. This directive was passed in 1976 to ensure that cosmetics products would meet the safety and quality standards set by the European Union. It is enforceable by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Currently, there are over 12,500 unique chemical ingredients that are approved for use in personal care products. The European Commission requires that these items be labeled to provide information about the ingredients in them.

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