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The Kpop Audition Process

  • Many people are curious about the kpop audition process. There are several aspects to consider. Depending on your age and level of talent, there are some basic requirements for the audition process. It is important to be good at singing and dancing, but not to be overly good. In fact, the creator of AKB48 once said that he wanted each member of the group to be “unfinished.” The reason for this is because part of the fun of being an idol is seeing them grow as performers.

The first step to becoming a K-pop star is to get noticed. A successful audition is only the first step in becoming a star. Once chosen, K-pop hopefuls must go through a secret training process. They must learn English and adhere to a strict diet. They must be in excellent physical and mental shape. However, once a trainee is signed, the process is long and complex. Most trainees spend one to three years in training.

The average age for a K-pop audition is around 18 years old, but it can start as early as 12 years. It is also important to remember that a legal guardian must sign any paperwork confirming their eligibility. K-pop idols are portrayed as the epitome of perfection, so it is important to be well-rounded and good at one thing. In addition to singing and dancing, they must be good at acting. The judges of a K-pop audition look for personality and marketability.

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